RTOS Training

Learn how to develop your application using Micrium's µC/OS or Cesium RTOS kernels with our self-paced, pre-packaged training course.

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Newly available, self-paced, pre-packaged training module for the Micrium µC/OS-III and Cesium Cs/OS3 kernels.

This training module is delivered as a downloadable package containing a narrated presentation covering over 200 slides of course training materials. Users can expect to receive a comprehensive training experience comparable to a two-day live classroom training event.


Course Content

1 | Introduction to µC/OS-III or Cs/OS3

| Interrupts and Exceptions

| Foreground/Background Systems

| Synchronization Primitives

3 | Kernel Initialization

| Mutual Exclusion

| Task Management

10 | Inter-task Communication

| Time Management

11 | Dynamic Memory Allocation

| Scheduling and Context Switches

12 | Memory Partitions

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Included for you to gain experience with writing a kernel-based application.

 These valuable lab lessons help to reinforce the kernel concepts presented. The lab lessons are based on using the popular STM NUCLEO-L152RE evaluation board featuring the ARM Cortex-M processor (purchased separately).




Course Material

Windows™ PC

 Microsoft™ Power Point™ or any PowerPoint viewer

Lab Material

C-language programming skills

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM

STM NUCLEO-L152RE evaluation board and USB-mini connector for J-Link mode debugger



Single User Package


1-hour Live Q&A Session *


* Arrange for 1-hour of questions and answers with one of our training instructors via teleconferencing. This will allow you to clarify any questions you may have with the course materials or the labs provided and get answers from a live instructor.

Attendees are encouraged to submit their questions prior to their Q&A session.