Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for a Micrium µC/OS example project for my application, where can I find it?

You can find various example projects here. If you don't find what you are looking for or need a modification to an existing example, please contact us.

I need a port/driver that is not listed on your supported platforms

We have experience developing custom ports and drivers for a wide variety of hardware platforms. Please contact us to discuss your port/driver requirements.

Which hardware platforms do you support?

We support a wide variety of embedded processors and popular MCU architectures used in the embedded industry today. Click here for more details.

Will you support me if I'm running on custom hardware?

Yes, with our support plan, we are able to address most customer's RTOS support needs. If you have a unique support situation that requires specialized services, we may refer you to our consulting services.

Which toolchains do you support?

Our team supports IAR, ARM, and GNU toolchains. If you are using a different toolchain, feel free to contact us.

I have a safety-critical application and need to take my product through functional safety certification.

Please refer to the information we have for safety-critical applications or contact us if you would like to discuss your application requirements.